Our Process

Our Unique Landscape Design Process
SONOMA LANDSCAPES  uses a 4 Step Design Process to ensure that we will meet your expectations.

Step-1: Initial On-Site Visit
We will meet with you to:
Introduce Sonoma Landscapes
Discuss your needs, ideas and requirements.
Walk the site with you and take notes.
Make suggestions and recommendations for your consideration.
Offer budget and estimate figures as possible.

Step-2: Site Analysis

We will review your site plan, if available, and verify measurements or, Measure the areas to be landscaped if there are no plans available.
We will make a sketch of the site, check the soil, test water pressure and volume, evaluate existing trees and shrubs and check drainage conditions.
After gathering the needed information, we will either phone back to discuss budget and estimate figures, mail or fax them to you or set a time to meet and go over them with you.

Step-3: Design and Consultation
Preliminary Plan:

If you choose to contract for our installation service at this point, all design and consultation fees are waived, and your plans will be developed free of charge as an element of our complete Design/Build Program.

We will draw a scale plan of your proposed landscaping offering a "bird's eye view" of the landscape areas and showing a proposed schematic landscape design layout.
We will present and review the preliminary plan with you and note any changes or revisions you may wish to make.

We will settle on a design for the hardscapes(construction) and the softscapes(planting) at this time and proceed to a final plan when all parties are in agreement.
Upon payment of a deposit of either 10% of the installation cost, or $1000.00 (whichever is less), you will be entered into our jobs schedule.
Should you wish to hire us on a planning and consultation basis only, this work will be charged at $75.00 per hour, including work done to date.

Step-4: Final Plan

This plan will accurately reflect all trees, shrubs, groundcovers, bedding plants, mulches, tilled areas, etc. It will also accurately reflect all construction work, irrigation, lighting, drainage, etc.

Investment Considerations:

When a contract fee is agreed upon, a payment schedule will be arranged.
A start date will be designated and the agreement will be signed by both parties.
The project may be installed in phases to meet your budget requirements.
We suggest all hardscaping be installed first.
We recommend the plantings be installed only after all other work is complete



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